When it comes to decorating the interiors of any home or office, the upholstery plays a significant role. The upholstery involves sofas, lounge chairs, stools, sectional, dining tables, carpets and many others. They can immediately change the vibes of any place and give it a classy, elegant look. The most common kind of upholstery that can be used at any part of the home or office is Area Rugs In Brampton.

When you own a beautiful carpet, there comes certain responsibilities with it. Area rugs are delicate and masterpiece that require care. This responsibility increases when the rugs are Oriental or Persian. They are a portrait of the rich culture of these places and also of ancient times. With such rugs, you have to take utmost care as even a tiny mistake can destroy the beauty of rug. So, in this post, we have brought certain tips to take care of the rugs.

  • For the proper care of antique rugs, research about the rug. Take help of the Internet or ask from the store from where you have purchased the rugs about the material. Then find out the best ways to clean that fabric.
  • Never place such antique rugs at the places where there comes direct sunlight for longer duration. Direct sunlight has the same effect on the shades of rugs as it has on the human hair. Eventually, the color of the rugs starts to fade.
  • Do not place the rugs in damp area or the places that are more prone to moisture like next to washrooms or kitchens. Due to the dampness, the dust and mites cling to the threads of the rugs making it difficult to clean them.
  • If you are thinking of cleaning the rug on your own, then it is best to drop the idea. Rugs are very different from your usual laundry and cleaning them in washing machine can make them lose colours.
  • If there is any stain on the carpet, don’t use detergents on the carpet as the delicate fabric can not withstand the harsh chemicals present in detergents.

With these tips, you can make sure that these beautiful rugs are passed on to your next generation as heirloom. There are many stores that offer beautifully designed area rugs in Brampton. One such store is Rugs Beyond that is known for its amazing collection of rugs, kilims, poufs and cushions.