Area Rugs Mississauga

It won’t be wrong to say that I am a rug enthusiast. When I see a great design of Area Rugs in Mississauga, I have to have that rug in my home. It has it’s perks but most of the time it becomes hard for me to decide which rug goes where. Also the sentiments attached with the old ones makes it difficult to find a place for new ones. So after a lot of shifting and shuffling, I finally placed my Area Rugs where they are now. And I am pretty happy with their placement as such which I am going to share with you. I’ll tell you which type of rug is perfect for which part of your home.

  • Living Room
    I was pretty happy with my straw colored wool and jute rug till I came across a dashing Shaggy Rugs from Rugs Beyond, Mississauga. I decided instantly that it goes in my living room. It is so soft under my feet that I couldn’t have asked for a better one. It looks beautiful in my living room and adds a nice texture to the whole ambience. I must say it wasn’t a bad idea at all to replace my old rug.
  •  Dining Room
    I had a Hand Tufted Rugs in my dining room before I laid my eyes on a wonderful outdoor rug. It was beautifully designed, elegant and quite durable. Not that I had anything against my hand tufted rug, but I was craving for a change. So I went for the outdoor rug for my dining area. Yes, you can use outdoor rugs inside your home as well. It doesn’t make a difference. In fact, use them in high traffic areas. Owing to their durability and ease to maintain, they have a relatively low wear and tear as compared to other types. So, you can go for them anytime. You can also place them in laundry area although I’ve used hand tufted rugs in my laundry area.
  • Bedroom
    I always look for area rugs that are soft, smooth and having a soothing color scheme for my bedroom. Loud furnishings in bedroom can cause an increase in stress levels. Right now I have soft shaggy rugs in my bedroom. They are good to step on barefoot. I have chosen one in beige as it’s always been my comfort color. You can have your pick according to what soothes your senses.
  • Patio
    No points for guessing, Outdoor Rugs go there. I had one in bright colors before but it faded with time. I guess the quality was not befitting outdoor use. Anyway, I’ve steered clear of bright outdoor rugs since then regardless of the quality. I choose dark tones for outdoor rugs because they hide stains of spilled coffee or juice. Be sure to wash them off instantly in case of a spill as you don’t want permanent stains. Wash them every 3 to 4 weeks and they are good to go.
    So, this is how I’ve incorporated different types of area rugs in my home. I don’t know if I did a good job there. What do you think?