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Area Rugs have been an important part of the world history as well as many cultures and civilizations. Famous 13th century poet, Rumi once said, “When someone beats a rug, the blows are not against the rug, but against the dust in it.” Since then rugs have covered a long road and numerous milestones. These handwoven textiles have adorned the floors of old Persian castles to Peru huts. And now they are easily available in numerous Area Rug Store In Brampton.

Rugs have been with humans for a very long time, but still we know very less about them. There are many facts pertaining to rugs that would leave your jaws hanging in surprise. So, in this post we have brought an assortment of such astonishing rug facts for you. Read them and enjoy!

  • The word “carpet” is derived from the Latin word carpere that means ‘to pluck’. According to historians, this name was given to it because they were prepared from plucked textile. The phrase Crape Diem and carpet share same Latin root.
  • The two most famous types of rugs are Persian and Oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are referred to those prepared in Iran, India, Turkey, Russia, China, Nepal and Pakistan. Persian rugs are only prepared in Iran (earlier known as Persia).
  • Till 1950s, the material used for preparation of rugs include wool and cotton. After that synthetic fibres such as acrylics, rayon, nylon and polyester are also used to prepare rugs.
  • According to American standards, the basic difference between rugs and carpets is the size. Anything that is smaller than 40 sq.ft is considered as rug and the larger ones are carpets.
  • The highest priced carpet till date is Vase Carpet, a beautiful piece of Persia dating back to mid 17th It was sold at Sotheby’s at a whopping $9.6 billion.
  • The phrase related to rugs: ‘to sweep something under the rug’ was originated in the year 1963.

Apart from all these, there are several other facts that would leave you spell bound. Carpets and rugs instantly add an oomph factor to space and glam up the whole area. You can find numerous rugs of various shades at some of the best Rug Stores In Brampton like Rugs Beyond. Try the wide range of rugs, cushions, poufs and throws available at the most amazing prices.