Brightening a home with a new rug is an easy way to spice up any room but bold color or pattern can be intimidating to design around. If you find the right rug with an amazing color or pattern, there are easy ways to work with it.

Take a look at our top 5 tips to help you choose the color that'll work perfectly with your decor:

1.    Know How The Color Can Make You Feel - Colors can influence a person in different ways, depending on our individual circumstances and cultural backgrounds. You can understand this when you enter a room, you take notice of the colors and the way these colors make you feel.

Once you understand the effect of colors, you can easily create office space by adding a designer rug or add a modern rug for a restful haven.

2.    Color Scheme - While choosing a new rug it is important to look at the whole room and get a complete idea of its existing color scheme. Look at the colors used in the room and  the colors of the furniture.
Understand how colors work together and about the primary, secondary and highlight colors. How the colors work together is integral to deciding on the color scheme for the room and the perfect room for space.

3.    Light or Shadow in the room - Light and shadow can have a big impact on the way your rug color is perceived. In the day, the intensity of the sunlight in your room will change and color will appear different as well.
When the sun rises, sunlight casts a warm glow. By sunset, the light will change to a reddish cast. Look where the natural light touches your room and where shadows fall. Also, note the kind of artificial light is in the room.

4.    Monochrome Style - Different color options can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you feel this way, keep things simple and repeat. Try using the same hue with different shades throughout the space, this is an easy way to pull a room together. Do consider the size of the room for a monochrome scheme, if the room is large a bright color like red may feel a little intense. Colors like blues and greens can work in any space, be it large or small.

5.    Your style and preference - We all have a unique taste and our home is a representation of it. The design of your rooms should express your style, the choice of the rug should fit that style to compliment your unique personality.
Whether you love solid colors for a bold appearance or you prefer modern style choosing the right according to your style will make a perfect choice for your room.

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