Shag rugs are luxurious and add an elegant touch to any room. These beautiful rugs are sight for sore eyes but cleaning a Shag rug can be laborious. Shag rugs have a higher pile making them soft and fluffy. The higher pile means that the fibers of these Shag rugs are cut longer than the regular ones. The longer fabric makes this difficult to clean as the settled dust can be hard to reach. Cleaning Shag or Shaggy rugs can be exhausting as it has higher pile which means the fibers are longer than the regular hand-knotted rugs.  

The Shag rugs are becoming more popular due to the elegant look, the variety has increased as well. There are many different types of Shaggy rugs in Mississauga and each needs to be cleaned according to the specific materials.

The three types of Shag rugs are:

•    Wool - These are available in either "noodles", which have thicker wool and "shaggy", which uses thinner wool fibers. The noodle rugs are more luxurious and feel as soft as a feather. This extra soft rug is prone to attract more dirt, dust and other particles. Thus making it easy to get dirty.
The shaggy wool rug has finer fabric and is easier to clean. The fine fabric makes the shaggy wool rug durable and easier to care for.

•    Acrylic - Although acrylic rugs are an affordable option it can be extremely dangerous as it is highly flammable.

•    Synthetic - The synthetic shaggy rugs are a safe, cheaper option that won't burn a hole in your pocket. These rugs are easier to clean as they can handle cleaners, unlike wool. The only downside of these rugs is that they aren't long-lasting.  
The different textures and types of shag rugs need special care when cleaning. For some, a cleaning method will work but for other, it can damage the fabrics.

Here are some tips to clean your Shag rugs:

•    Vacuum - A regular vacuum can completely ruin your rug. The thick fibers of the Shag rug can get stuck and tangled in the vacuum, ripping the rug. So, it is important that you only use an upholstery attachment when using a vacuum. To not miss a spot and clean precisely, clean the rug row by row.

•    Shampoo - For this, you can use dry carpet shampoo in a powder form. The shampoo will loosen the dirt from the fiber strands but only to some extent.

•    Spot clean - This is a great method for when the glass of wine fell accidentally or when the kids spilled their juice. You can use a cotton towel with a rug cleaner and wipe each strand of your shag rug. This method can be time-consuming.

These are the few simple ways you can keep your Shag rugs looking new. Although these methods are helpful, a professional help will be needed to ensure your Shag rug looks pristine. Rugs Beyond offers luxurious Shag rugs that are comfortable and easy to clean despite the high-density pile.