Carpets and rugs are critical part of the upholstery and can easily transform the aura of any room or place. No other flooring is trending these days like the latest styles of Carpets and Rugs Mississauga. If you are one of those people who love to socialize and host parties at your place and looking forward to give your living area a regal, yet comfortable look; then trust us, you are not alone. There are numerous people who require a cozy, comfortable and sophisticated rug at their place that would increase the overall aesthetic appeal.

Now just like other furniture and décor trends, there are certain carpet trends every year that are seem to be really popular in the industry as well as in market. And 2017 is no exception. This year also, the industry is witnessing the evolution of such trends. When asked about what is popular in 2017, the experts of carpet and rug industry said, “We have found through our studies that people have said the current carpet shopping experience presents a sea of sameness of similar options.  People want color, style, and love how it makes them feel but have expectations on performance.” Keeping such expectations in mind, rug manufacturers are giving their best shot. Now let us see what exactly is trending in the year 2017.

#1 Trending Types

If you don’t have much idea about rugs and carpets, then the fact that there are hundreds types of rugs would come as a surprise for you. This year some of these types are high in demand. These are:

  • Recycled Carpets: Recycled or green carpets and rugs are here to stay. Usually, most of the materials used in such carpets are recycled, thus helping to reduce the wastage of fabric.
  • Cut and Loop Rugs: This kind of carpet is a combination of both cuts and loops. This one trend was a big hype in the 70s but lost the popularity in the 80s. Once again they are here to reclaim their position in homes and markets.
  • Carpet Tiles Rugs: This one is the newest among all. If you want a customized rug for your place, then this is your best bet. These carpets are quite popular with families because if one part gets soiled or damaged, the tile can be removed and replaced with a new one.

#2 Trending Colours

There is a huge variation of colour between other flooring solutions and rugs. While the other flooring options are opting for subtle and natural shades, carpets are coming in bold avatars.

  • Bold Colours: Bold coloured carpets and rugs are slowly becoming a style statement. In the bright hues of orange, red and blue, such carpets give the whole place a beautiful transformation. With the technique of colour blocking, such shades complement the pearly white or creamy walls.
  • Neutral Colours: We can’t forget carpets in neutral colours as they are something that can be easily termed as classic beauties. If your couch or sofas are in bright shades, then such carpets provide a beautiful canvas to decorate the room.

Apart from all these, there are variety of texture and patterns of Carpets and Rugs In Mississauga that are trending in this year. Want to know about them? Keep checking for the updates.