Cushions and Area Rugs in Mississauga

New Year 2018 has entered your life and many of you feel like giving your home a makeover. Like a fresh start. Getting into the New Year spirit seems incomplete without redecorating your home and you constantly feel that something is missing.

You’re not wrong there. But how do you do that?

Many people feel that stuffing their homes with accessories and decorative art pieces is enough and makes all the difference. But in reality, it’s not so. Most of the times, redecorating your home just requires minimal changes here and there, and you can feel the difference for yourself.

Rugs beyond, the leading home furnishing store in Mississauga, gives some tips on how you can redecorate your home without spending extravagantly.

Get Rid of the Clutter

There are so many things you’ve kept in your home that serve no purpose at all but you’ve saved them for use in near future. And that near future hasn’t arrived in a decade or so. Get rid of all those space consuming items. Sell them on eBay or Kijiji. Have you always complained about the less space in your home for important things? You’ll be surprised at the amount of space you now have.


You got intact pieces of pallet wood in your backyard? There’re a lot of useful things you can make with them. Like a headboard that doubles up as a mini storage unit. Or put them together to make a small rack to store your little stuff that otherwise lies around unattended. That’ll solve your storage problem to some extent and you’ll feel more organized.

Similarly, you can repaint some furniture items to give them a new shine. Change fabrics of your sofa instead of investing into a new one. Or create beautiful art pieces with old and shapely wood you found lying outside. Or decorate your garden with small stones of same size and color. The possibilities are endless.

Go Green

I’ve never liked the look of fresh flowers in a pot as they wilt and you have to constantly replace them. Nor do I like artificial flowers. After having experimented with both, I decided to go green. Instead of flower vases, I placed small pots with beautiful crustaceans and other weather enduring plants inside my home. They purify air, give the home a peculiar freshness, and increase oxygen levels. You can buy beautiful bonsai as well.

Enhance the Natural Light

Dark painted walls decrease the natural lighting of home as they absorb more than they reflect. Paint your walls beige or white to enhance natural lighting of your home. This will illuminate some important features of your home that you never noticed before. If you can’t afford painting right now, you can go for wallpapers.

Complement the neutral tone with similar furnishings, like beige area rugs, or neutral colored wall hangings available in Mississauga at Rugs Beyond.

Add Small Elements

Colorful, bright Cushions Mississauga with a beige colored sofa, or a bright red painted pot atop a white side table. These are little elements of surprise as I call them that you can sprinkle here and there. They’ll add the much needed color without overdoing the décor.

These are simple yet effective tricks to make your home more presentable and lovely this year. For more tips, ask the experts at Rugs Beyond, the stop shop for premium cushions and area rugs in Mississauga.