Decorative Storage Baskets Mississauga

There is no doubt and hesitation in stating the fact that when it comes to the matter of home decor, the furnishing items, both big and small, play a significant role. This is why it is very crucial for every home designer to make sure that the furnishing items go well with the overall interiors of the house. Now we have wicker and jute furnishing items that go with almost all kind of interiors, be it contemporary, tribal, traditional or bohemian. One such beautiful piece of wicker furnishing is Decorative Storage Baskets. Though small in size as compared to other items, these colorful baskets add a different look to the whole area and give it a laid back and relaxed feel.

Storage baskets are available in all kind of furnishing stores and that too at attractive rates, but before buying a basket; there are several things that you need to consider. The size and color matters a lot. Pick a color that go with other decor items and simply don’t feel like something that is out of the place. If your room has less empty space, then go for the smaller size. One amazing feature of these baskets is if used innovatively, they can serve several purposes. So, in this post, we have brought forward some of the most creative and innovative use of storage baskets. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Blanket & Pillow Storage

After a good night sleep, one question that lingers on in the mind is where to put all the bed linen, including small cushions and blankets. Well, what about using a small storage basket for the purpose? Keep a small storage basket in your bedroom and store all the pillows and linen in that. You can also use it in living room for throws and cushions.

  • Plant Holder

Are you a Nature lover? Then, what about bringing your beloved plants inside the living room minus the clutter they bring? The idea is simply inviting. Just place a potted plant in a wicker storage basket that would hide the pot. It gives a perfect rustic and natural look.

  • Display Trays

There is a range of storage baskets that are more trays than baskets. You can use these beautiful trays to display a beautiful coral collection of shells and add a few colorful plants to it. The small display would definitely attract people’s eyes towards itself.

  • Treasure Basket of Living Room

Living room is one place that is used to its full potential. This is the place that is busiest of all the other rooms. And full of things that can be required any instant just like tissue papers, remote controls, candles and what not. So instead of keeping them just like that, why not use a storage basket that would serve the dual purpose.

  • Trash Bin

Who would have thought that storage baskets can be used as trash bins? Well, in sitting spaces like lounge or den, keeping a traditional trash bin seems odd. So simply place a trash collecting bag in a wicker storage basket and keep it in the bin. It would not only increase the aesthetic appeal but also keep the place trash free.

So, now you have found that storage baskets are way m ore than they seem to be. In case you are looking for colorful, sturdy storage baskets, don’t forget to visit Rugs Beyond as they have an amazing collection of such decorative storage baskets in mississauga.