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Different types of popular Bath Mats in Mississauga

Those days are long gone when bath mats were just random discarded pieces of rugs. With so many new age materials and designs available, bath mats have become a style statement. Quite obvious from the latest collection of Bath Mats in Mississauga by Rugs Beyond. Here are the most popular bath mats and what makes them special.

  • Memory foam bath mats

Memory foam is a high viscosity and high density material that gained popularity as an apt material for mattresses. The high density material changes shape under pressure and returns to its original shape in a matter of seconds. High quality memory foams take lesser time to regain their shape.

Memory foam as material for bath mats is a match made in heaven. Many a times we complain about bath mats losing their shape and texture after a month of usage. The same is not possible with memory foams. These are long lasting, durable, and can be made into many interesting shapes and sizes. For example, you can get a butterfly or daisy bath mat made out of memory foam for kid’s room. Also, these are great absorbents and easy to clean. That’s another reason to welcome them in your home.

  • Microfiber bath mats

Another similar looking to memory foam yet structurally different material is microfiber. This material is so versatile that you’ll find it everywhere in your home without even realizing it’s microfiber. From upholstery to sports wear, microfiber is everywhere. But now, it’s even in your bath mats.

Owing to their great absorbing property, microfiber bath mats are a favorite among many. But do they have to be plain? Absolutely not. They can be textured as pebbles or anything you’d like under your feet. Can be used in conjunction with memory foam to create an embossed look that stays the way it is for years.

  • Cotton bath mats

Another most popular material owing to its environment friendly nature is cotton. With cotton, you get that rugged feel under your feet that many crave. Apart from that, cotton mats do not emit harmful chemicals into the air as a problem with other synthetic materials. Easy to clean and with the right weave, may last for years. Many recycled versions are also available that add to their environment friendly property. Cotton bath mats are here to stay as of now.

Check out the latest collection of Bath Mats in Mississauga at Rugs Beyond. Stylish, durable, and innovative, these rugs will surely find their way in your home.