Hand Woven Area Rugs Store Mississauga

When it comes to home decor, no other upholstery can match the classiness, beauty and elegance of hand woven rugs. They are simply an ancient beauty that has undergone a series of evolution but has still maintained its charm. That is why there are a number of Hand Woven Area Rugs Store In Mississauga. Many times, it has been seen that people are quite intimidated while it comes to purchasing and taking care of traditional, hand woven rugs. And that is why we have brought the most sought out questions that people generally ask when it comes to the rugs. Let us go through them by one:

  • What is the point of difference between hand woven, hand tufted, hand hooked and hand knotted rugs?

Usually the type of rug you are planning to purchase can immensely affect the prices. When we are talking about hand woven rugs, it is generally a blanket term used to describe all kind of rugs. Hand tufted and hand hooked rugs are quite similar and are created by using grid backing upon which yarn is woven. The only difference between the duo is the fact that after the final stage of production, the surface of hand tufted rugs are shaved to give it a pile look. The hand knotted rugs are most expensive as they are tied so tightly that there is no requirement of adhesive.

  • How frequently the rugs should be cleaned?

To maintain the beauty and genuine yarn of the rug, the professionals suggest a good cleaning after every 5-7 years. Many times, the rug seems all clean but then also, you should go for professional cleaning to clear the foundation of the rug. This not only removes the dust but also removes infection and allergy causing mites.

  • What can be done at home to take good care of rugs?

The best thing that you can give your rug is proper vacuuming after the interval of few weeks. This keeps the moth steer clear of the rug and keeps it dust free, fluffy and clean.

  • What is the best way to store a rug?

In case you want to pack the rug for some time, clean it from all the sides several times to remove all the dust, mites and ticks. Then add several moth flakes to the rug and fold the rug properly. You can use large size trash bags to store it.

Now with all the answers with you, we are sure now you would be searching for Hand Woven Area Rugs Store In Mississauga. And when it comes to the collection, nobody can beat the amazing rugs collection of Rugs Beyond.