Living Room Cushions

Cushions in new styles and designs are a must have this year. Just revamping your sofa isn’t enough. You must change your cushions as well according to new patterns and designs. With this New Year, if you have renovated your living room and changed your furniture, it is important that you can get the accessories as well.
There are many new trends and designs this year that you must bring to your living room. A spectacular living room is made of small elements which includes cute and plush cushions as well. Rugs Beyond, the store in Mississauga that offers premium rugs, throws and Cushions, has introduced a wide range of cushions in its latest collection. Latest design trends in cushions include:• Floral patterns
Floral have arrived and are here to stay. Fresh floral patterns in cushions look beautiful and classy. You can go for big floral patterns or small little flowers. Both look equally exquisite. If you have a sofa in a solid red or peach color, you can go for big float designs. Floral patterns only look good on a solid color back ground. If the sofa is floral, it’s better to go for solid pastels.

Solid pastels
A very beautiful trend in cushions, solid pastel cushions look wonderful over a colorful sofa. If your sofa is multicolored neon, pastel cushions are the way to go. Trend is reversed in this case. If you have a solid colored sofa, you can also go for solid pastels. But in contrasting colors. You’ll be amazed at the wow effect they create.

Embroidered cushions
Embroidered cushions look classy and lend an ethnic look to your home. Embroidered patterns in floral patterns, natural patterns or tribal patterns look lovely. They tend to be a little expensive if hand embroidered but their appeal is unmatched. There are cushions with small embroidered mirrors. They look spectacular as well. Go for them irrespective of which sofa you own. They look good anyway.

Hand printed cushions
Nothing matches the beauty of hand painted cushions. Beautiful patterns are inked on cushions and drawn with the help of fabric paints. These wash proof cushions can be a beautiful addition to your home. You should use them on a plain solid sofa. The combination will be amazing.

Stone studded cushions
Stone studded cushions in soft polished stones look amazing. They add tribal vibes to your living room which is very cool. Stone studded cushions look chic and trendy. You can use them on plain solid sofas. They’ll look amazing and very ethnic.
These are the latest trends and designs of cushions that you can bring home. Choose from Rugs Beyond’s wide range of Cushions to bring home the magic.