Living Room Rugs are among the most expensive items; so naturally, we try to preserve the quality of the mats to ensure its life expectancy. But some of us don’t! We get tangled in myths like don’t clean rugs regularly, it’ll damage them or all rugs should be treated the same, right? However, cleaning carpet can help in improving the appearance of the entire room, duh I know; but along with that, it also reduces the chances of falling sick because of dust allergies.

There are so many myths and outright lies surrounding carpet cleaning which is why there needs to be an outlet to debunk those myths. Not to worry; here are some of the rugs cleaning myths finally decoded.

Myth 1. Scrubbing the carpet can remove dirt– Short answer- Scrubbing can be harmful. For a deeper answer, let’s look into the details. Excessive washing can severely damage the fibers of the carpet and can also give it a fuzzy appearance which you don’ want. Moreover, scrubbing can also lead to the appearing of worn patches in your area rug.

Myth 2. For a thorough cleaning, use vacuuming– Don’t use vacuuming on your rugs! Vacuuming is not the most efficient way if dirt gets ingrained in your carpet. Moreover, the best way to remove embedded dirt is getting your rugs cleaned by professionals. With a plethora of professional companies out there, you can easily find a carpet cleaning company.

Myth 3. There is no way to remove red wine stains– While red wine stains are hard to remove, there are ways to erase the stains. You just need to know the tricks of the trade.

Myth 4. Rugs don’t need regular cleaning– False! It is essential to clean the rugs regularly to maintain its cleanliness and quality. Moreover, if the dust or dirt is allowed to build up for long, it is nearly impossible to remove it. So, clean regularly!

Myth 5. Treat all the rugs in the same way– All rugs are made in a different way, and that is you should clean them according to their own type. Always remember, what may work for one carpet, may not always work for another rug. Moreover, discuss with your carpet seller or take suggestions from a professional about cleaning the carpet.

While these were some of the myths about carpet cleaning, there are still many myths that need to be debunked. However, it is better if you are planning to get your rugs cleaned by a professional mat cleaning company, then make sure you pick a reputable company. Or while buying the living room rugs, ask the dealer about the cleaning procedure. Usually, when you buy rugs from stores like Rugs Beyond, they give you full information as to how to keep the rug in decent shape.