Rugs can completely transform rooms, it can act as a center art piece for the floor or something that fades into the background. Imagine switching a navy blue oriental rug with a geometric design, something as simple as exchanging a rug can completely transform the living room from a traditional to a more modern, contemporary feel. But the question is, how do you decide which one is the best choice for you?

While choosing the right rug for your living room, some variables to consider are size, texture, color, pattern and the shape. Another thing to keep in mind is whether it will complement and accentuate or just clash with the furniture. One wrong choice can completely throw an entire room off balance, not to forget it can be expensive as well.


Color and Pattern

Choosing the color is a natural starting point. You need to think about colors you like and what you will enjoy day in and day out, the color of the rug can set a tone for the entire room. A basic solid rug in a neutral color can bring the room together. Color can bring harmony to a room if used wisely. If you have solid color furniture and walls, a patterned rug can liven up the area. The rule here is to create a balance.

The biggest mistakes while decorating a living room is using area rugs that are too small. For an average-sized room 25 cms to 45 cms of bare floor between the edges of the rug and the wall of the room is ideal. Another thing to remember is to make sure the rug is centered in the room. Rugs can be used to define spaces too if you have an open concept space choose an area you want to highlight and choose the rug size based on that.


There is an almost unending variety of area rugs style to choose from. Styles like oriental, geometric, jacquard or jute gives your living room a traditional style to a more modern and contemporary feel. Area rug doesn’t have to match everything in the room but should work or even accentuate the textures and tones of the existing furnishings.

Pile height

It is imperative to choose the kind of pile you want- low, medium or high. A low pile rug is easier to maintain and are sturdier. Rugs with higher pile are softer, luxurious and are comfortable underfoot. High pile rugs can make a room warm, cozy and welcoming. If your living room gets a lot of foot traffic a low pile rug like a dhurrie or kilim will be a better option, while a thicker rug will be better suited for a room with low traffic.

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