When we talk about interior décor of 21st century, especially the colors of walls and ceilings, one thing that pops up in mind is neutral shades. Every wall or ceiling you check is painted in various hues of grey, cream or white. Same is the case with furniture as people are more into getting furniture in pale shades of brown or white. That is why it becomes vital to add a burst of color to color block and give the whole place a warm look. This pop of color can be bought with Rugs and Area Rugs In Mississauga and Brampton.

As you start your décor project and start searching for the rugs, it is better to decide first what kind of room you are looking for; do you want a cozy, warm room or cool, relaxing one? Today in the post, we are going to discuss what should do if your choice is the cool, relaxing room. For such a choice, blue colored area rugs are perfect as they open up the areas, give it a cool and inviting look and complement almost all kind of interior décor.

Colors have their own language and they convey a lot about the personality of an individual. Blue is the color of emotions. According to color experts, “Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.” This color speaks about the emotions. And when you decide to use blue colored rugs, you subtly add layers of beauty and meaning that goes way deeper than the jeweled tones.

Interior Décor Ideas with Blue Colors

  • Coastal

Coastal is one of the most popular décor themes. It brings the beautiful memories of beach, shells, and beautiful hues of sky, seashells, waves and ultimately, phantom less deep seas. And no other color can better describe it than blue.

  • Scandinavian

When we are talking about Scandinavian, we are talking about minimalism and bright white shades. The main reason is that winters are long and dark in Scandinavia that is why bright white color is used to keep the areas light. Colors are kept soft and understated to give the whole place a bright feel. And placing a blue colored rug in such décor gives the most natural feeling of clear blue sky.

  • Boho

Trust us, if you are into boho décor, then you don’t have to worry about color palette. And yes, blue can and will do! But here the twist is how to make use of colors without giving the place cluttered and messy look. In case, the walls and ceiling have white shade with upholstery in pale brown or leather, try using a bright patchwork area rugs with a few bright pieces of décor items.

With that being said, blue area rugs are easy to maintain and clean. So, pick your favorite and start your purchase for Rugs and Area Rugs In Mississauga and Brampton with Rugs Beyond. Stay tuned for more colorful ideas.