In the previous post, we discussed about the various styles of Rugs and Carpets in Mississauga that are in vogue for the year 2017. We have already talked about the different kinds and colours of rugs that are in trend and are selling like hot cakes. To continue the story as promised earlier, today we are going to talk about the textures as well as layout and patterns that have seen rise in demand.

#3 Trending Textures

Texture matters a lot while selecting carpet for the various spaces of a home. Obviously, you won’t go for something that feels hard and rough against feet in a place like den or living room where you relax almost every evening. That is why it becomes imperative to find out what kind of texture you are looking for. In the year 2017, there were a few textures that showed a spike in demand. These are:

  • Soft Textured Carpets: Though soft textured carpets seem an essential part of rugs industry, there came a time when almost everybody stopped using these soft, plush carpets. Needless to say, those were really the bad times. It is the lushness and softness that makes carpet a vital part of upholstery. They can become plushier and softer but not tough. In other words, no other texture can compete with them. They were, are and going to stay here!
  • Ribbed Textured Carpets:

Ribbed carpets are quite popular in commercial establishments because of their business look. Ribbed carpets have small ribs throughout the fabric that can’t be seen easily but can be felt instantly. Well, according to the experts, in future we can see more of such rugs in offices but not in homes.

#4 Trending Patterns and Layouts

Well whosoever said that carpets can only be monochrome can’t be more wrong with the latest trends of rugs patterns and layouts going around. Gone are the monochromatic, boring carpets and here we have bold, geometric and several other beautiful patterns like:

  • Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterned rugs are the hottest trend in the interior décor industry. They are not only ruling the homes but also the offices with patterns including circles, arabesque and various other patterns using the colour blocking technique. What else? They are going to stay in trend for another 5-10 year, so need to worry about the trend becoming obsolete in next couple of years.
  • Carpet Tile Patterns: Carpet tile patterns are the best option if you want to get a customised look. One can quite easily create various shapes and patterns, thanks to the tile pattern. There would be lot of mixing and matching that would give rise to some of the most stunning look. This trend is also going to stay for the nest 5-10 years.

So with this point, we are going to cover up the amazing trends Rugs and Carpets in Mississauga are going to follow this year. Want to know more about rugs and carpets? Then simply stay tuned with Rugs Beyond. Till then, keep smiling!