Wall Hangings Mississauga: Adding a new dimension to home décor

When we talk about home décor, we immediately think about rugs, cushions, furniture, poufs, and other such items. But seldom have you realized that these things pertain to floor and that your walls are lying bare amidst. Totally unfair and unaesthetic.

There are many ways to decorate your walls. You can hang framed art pieces, statement quotes done in a catching font and style, or you can even paint murals on your bare walls. Wall papers are also an option. But if you really want to add a surprise element to your walls, to harmonize them with interiors, wall hangings are your best bet.

Wall hangings come in various shapes, styles, and designs. You can buy ones that match the rugs placed in the same room. Or you can go for bold patterns that give a personality to your room. Here we tell you the most popular wall hangings that can do wonders if used appropriately.

Persian Knotted Wall Hangings

These are beautiful and hard to get. The reason being there are handful of local artisans who are expert in the knotting technique that’s required to make these wall hangings. There may be many different types of knots in a single wall hanging. The pricing varies according to the size of hanging and the types of knots that are used. Hand-made knotted hangings are expensive.

Hand tufted/ Power-loomed scenic hangings

Imagine having a bit of alpine forest on your wall. Or a scene from the highland prairies. Hand tufted or power-loomed wall hangings woven intricately to depict nature adds depth to your interiors. It adds a certain calm and peace to the overall ambience and fills home with positive vibes.

Hand tufted portraits

To give a more personalized feel to wall hangings, you can get them custom made. You can use your own portrait or it could be a celebrity you adore. Such wall hangings lend a unique personality to a room and attracts more attention.

DIY Wall Hangings

If you could do it, nothing like that. You can add a small DIY piece amidst the professionally done wall hangings to make a more personal statement. Ou can hang rows of stars or origami birds in kids’ rooms. To add more color to bare walls, you can make these out of colorful beads, knotted together in wool or jute.

These are some amazing wall hanging ideas to make your home décor complete and exceptionally beautiful. Rugs Beyond, the leading home furnishing store, presents their latest collection of wall hangings in Mississauga. Must buy for a complete makeover of your home.