Winter Area Rugs Mississauga


Hottest Trends in Area Rugs In Mississauga this winter

With winters knocking on the doors, it’s time to weather proof your home while bringing home new stylish additions as a bonus. Yes we’re talking about Winter Area Rugs Mississauga by Rugs Beyond. Apart from revamping curtains, cushions, and throws, you should also introduce new area rugs to create a perfect harmony.

Rugs Beyond has some interesting collection of wool rugs in store this season and some are really must haves. Here we list them out for you and you can choose your pick accordingly:

  • Wool Tufted Rug with Viscose Tufted Lines

It’s a great looking piece that’s meant to liven up your living room. It’s available in two colors, ivory and brown. This rug gives a very unique modern feel while the soft viscose veins running through feel good under feet. The sudden change in texture is its USP.

  • Olympicum Wool Tufted Flower 3D Rug

This rug is a perfect example of extraordinary craftsmanship. Available in the most beautiful pastel green color, it depicts a fully bloomed lotus flower. The 3D effect makes the flower appear majestic and you’re sure to get many compliments for your choice.

  • Wool Tufted Cut-Loop Pile Rug

Here’s another one that’s simple yet classy. It’s available in two colors, blue and ivory. It’s basically a cut-pile rug with abstract wavy lines passing horizontally, formed by loops of the same color. This gives an interesting texture to the rug and makes for a wonderful addition to your home.

  • Etiquette Floral patterns

These beautiful rugs with etiquette floral designs add an old world charm to your home. A sort of a regal air. Rugs Beyond offers Jacquard Woven Chenille Rugs under this category in different styles ranging from soothing white orchard to edgy brown orchard. No two patterns are the same.

  • Shaggy Rugs

No winter rugs collection is complete without beautiful shaggy rugs. Rugs Beyond presents shaggy rugs in neutral colors to complement the season. Soft shags feel rich under the feet and look comfy. What a way to relax and warm your feet after a long tiring day.

These are from the latest collection of Winter Area Rugs in Mississauga. You can place your order online as well and also take a quick peek by visiting our official website. Celebrate this holiday season with style with our wool area rugs.